Far too long

December 12, 2009

It’s been ages since I’ve posted, but this should be interpreted as a good sign. The new job is going extremely well, and unpacking for the second time since moving to NC is….. well, unpacking…. again. It invariably takes more time and energy than expected and dang, I’ve got a lot of stuff.

The original move went well, though the drive took longer than expected. The 25± foot truck and car carrier combination was slow on hills, topping out at 50mph on inclines and a complete bear during refueling, especially if you had to back up or turn around for any reason. It was also the height of the ’08 fuel prices, and diesel was at $5+/gallon at the time .

The house rental I found in my 3 day search of the Raleigh-Durham area was overly large for what we needed and that combined with finances and preferences prompted a second move. I really like the new house (also a rental) despite a sloping front yard and lack of garden. Being 30 years older,  the insulation is at least twice as good and the usable kitchen counter and storage space is a vastly improved. Unfortunately, there are still boxes of books that have not been unpacked, mostly due to a lack of book case space, brought about by a lack of available walls.

Having lived in apartments during all my time in Phoenix, I’d forgotten the time and energy involved in yard maintenance. It’s a particular drain on time when the 6-8 oak trees decide it’s time to drop their foliage. At the moment there are more leaves to rake and some halls to deck with the holiday season is rapidly approaching. So I must depart from the keyboard, but with hopes of returning on a more regular basis. Please feel free to pester (on a regular basis) if and when I fail to so.


The employment offer, once it arrived, was in fact, quite reasonable, and I negotiated for some additional monies for relocation. My resignation is now on file with my current employer, and as of June 25th I will be without a job for the first time in roughly twelve years. I’ll have little time to truly enjoy it though- less than a week later I will be moving across the country. There will be a brief stop in Flagstaff to gather up someone, his dog and belongings, followed by a number of days on the road with a final destination of the Research Triangle Park area, in North Carolina.

I expect the next few weeks to be exhausting and extremely busy. Housing must be found and a brief trip for the final search is expected, a truck needs to be rented and loaded, and all the final tasks around home and work need to be wrapped up.

For those attending the FPM Fool Party on the final weekend of June, I will be present. I will not however, guarantee either sanity or cognizance as it is only a day or two at most before the move. Given the situation, I will bring food, but unfortunately, not of my own devising, as every bit of stuff, sans clothing, cats and essentials for the drive, will be already be packed. It will be the last chance, for quite some time, that many of my AZ podcasting colleagues will get to see me, and I hope they will turn out in force.

The process of moving continues. A storage facility has been rented, a PO Box has obtained, a change of address filed with USPS and my utilities have been scheduled for disconnecting. I’ve yet to work out insurance for the storage unit and have 30 billion places which require my new address but otherwise, it’s just a matter of boxing every up, and moving 99% of it into storage. For the short term, while the job hunt intensifies, I’ll be staying with a friend in Mesa, who is kindly allowing me to inhabit a guest room. This should be a temporary situation, and with luck and perseverance I’ll be moving (yet again) in a months time or so.

At this point my priority is to get everything packed and in storage so I can concentrate on the job search. No matter how efficient and capable of multitasking one is, it’s near impossible to both put items in a box and write a cover letter simultaneously. This week and next week are dedicated to packing, moving, cleaning the apartment and keeping the plant materials alive at work. The first week of March, with nothing left to distract me, I will reapply myself to the job search.

It’s not been all boxes and packing this past week. I had the chance to attend the Strong Beer Festival in Mesa this past weekend. Many tasty brews were available for sampling, both from local breweries and others further afield, including Dogfish Head, Stone and New Belgium. Saturday evening was finished off with a late dinner at the Salt Cellar, where very fine dinner of seafood was had. With the weekend over a return to packing is necessary…. where is my marker and the packing tape…. Ah ha!

The gigantic clock (reference the pendulums that can be seen at Hogwarts in the HP movies ) is ticking loudly again. My lease extension runs out in 3 weeks, I’ve not any word from potential employers, and the holidays have come and gone. There is much packing yet to be done, but at least the seasonal cooking, gift making and wrapping are complete. There’s further job searching that must be done and I’ve got to get the Food Geeking podcast back on it’s feet. There is also a lot to tackle at work, particularly given my expectations of leaving for a new job in the upcoming weeks (with luck) or few months at worst. I’m feeling both over and underwhelmed at the same time.

I seem to have weathered the worst of the work-related money shortage. With my employer’s switch to both a lagging pay cycle and moving to a bi-weekly rather than by-monthly paychecks, they in essence removed a paycheck’s worth of money from us, to be paid out 2 weeks following the end of employment. It makes lots of business sense, but doesn’t much help anyone who lives on a budget. My first “extra” or 3rd paycheck in a single month will be arriving next month, which will do much to balance my funds, assist with taxes, and give me a bit of money to help afford the upcoming move.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks there will be some success on the job hunt. I’ve got many hopes and more  than a few fingers crossed that I’ll yet find employment in Flagstaff. If I’ve no success as January comes to an end I’ll need to open the search much farther afield. Despite my exceedingly strong desire to be in Flagstaff, it seems rather foolish and self-limiting to find employment there that won’t cover my basic cost of living without a second job, while I could potentially find any number of jobs that pay exceeding well elsewhere. My brain is calculating the timetables and chances, and the blinders are off when it comes to other locals, so I’m keeping an eye out for those “perfect matches” elsewhere. I will admit that my heart isn’t really into it. In the meantime, the regional job  search continues and with luck I’ll find  decent opportunity in Flagstaff before the situation becomes critical and I’m required to search further afield.

So busy it isn’t funny-

September 28, 2007

In the next few weeks I’m likely to be much less regular with notes and updates here. I’ve found that there is so very much to get done and an every shrinking amount of time in which to accomplish everything. I thought the planning and preparation for S. Africa were was hectic, but this is likely to become so much worse.

If all were to go quickly and easily, by the end of October I would be moving out of the current apartment to a new location and job elsewhere in the states. However, I’m beginning to have doubts that all of that- job search, apartment search, packing and moving can be accomplished in only a month. I might yet surprise myself, but it’s more likely that I’ll manage to pack and move into a smaller place (+storage) here in the Phoenix area, while the job search continues then actually move to wherever the job takes me later this year or early in the new year.

The nearer the potential move comes the more chores and tasks that seem to pile up and gain in urgency. There are a lots of things happening with Food Geeking, and I am trying to get it back on track so that it begins to have a regular, reliable schedule. In addition, the feed for it must go live soon, and much recording must be done.

Packing of books has begun, and I hope to have the majority of them packed by the end of next week and move on to paperwork, non-seasonal clothing and SCA gear. Next week is also the week to start the local apartment search, and the job search must be kicked into high gear. It will be a very exhausting and busy month, but I hope to keep on top of the many tasks and commitments I’ve made and keep everything in motion.

Wish me luck,