Armed and painless

July 8, 2007

The discomfort from the injections have improved greatly over the last 24 hours. I’ve still got a bit of soreness and stiffness in the left arm but I can now raise and extend my arm completely over my head with only the slightest twinges. I expect by tomorrow I will have nearly forgotten that I received 3 separate shots on Friday.

It’s now time to push ahead with all the other things that must get accomplished before leaving for S. Africa. The count is now at 21 days, as Sunday arrived an hour ago. Just 3 more weeks.


Post-pincushion pain

July 7, 2007

Three shots were had yesterday, much to my relief. The single shot to my right arm (typhoid) has provided no discomfort, which is nice given I am right handed. I’ve not been quite so fortunate with the two shots I received in my left arm. Both sites are causing pain. Not sharp pain, but the deep muscle-bruise sort of pain. If I don’t move the left arm it’s not a problem, but most grasping and lifting does hurt, and I can’t really lift my arm more than 45º degrees from my side before  the discomfort becomes very noticeable. Beyond that, the immunizations left me feeling completely wiped out last night, and I went to bed at least 2 hours earlier than usual. With any luck, all the pain and discomfort will fade over the next day or so.

With immunizations completed, a great weight has lifted from my mind and been crossed off the “to-do” list. Now the final big concern is travel arrangements. I’m still waiting for a flight itinerary, which once known, will allow me to make post Africa travel plans in Atlanta and my final return to Phoenix. Indications are that this information should soon be available.

22 days to Africa- that is correct, just three weeks and a day. It will be a very busy next few weeks, but I’m finally starting to look forward to this trip, rather than dreading