Tis that time of the year, the newest Harry Potter novel is destined to hit bookshelves tonight at midnight. I’ve even reserved a copy of my own which will be available for me to retrieve from Borders at midnight…

So what trumps Harry Potter… Gaming Night!

I’m a roleplayer who’s been in withdrawal for 7 years. When I left Ithaca, NY I left all my gaming groups behind and have failed to find my way into any groups here in AZ. The lack of vehicular ownership had much to do with this. In the I’ve filled my time admirably with SCA and more recently podcasting , but once a gamer always a gamer and I desperately miss gaming.

Tonight I will fore go hanging out at Borders, awaiting the release of book 7 for the indescribable joy spent with friends, eating good food and playing games.  What’s on the table you ask: Robo Rally, Settlers of Catan, Gloom, some version of Munchkin, maybe some Chez Geek, and a variety of Cheap Ass Games.  It will be a magnificent night.