Scientist, geek of many flavors, member of the SCA and podcaster

By the light of day and in the real world I work in a molecular biology and immunology lab which uses plants for the production of potential vaccines against a variety of human pathogens. I’m actually a plant biologist, specializing in micropropagation and am responsible for the creation of those plant lines which express the proteins that act as vaccines.

The moments between are filled to capacity. Currently my podcasting activities have taken center stage. This whole podcasting thing began with my first visit to the Draco Vista Studio with a cheesecake in hand and my introduction on Michael and Evo’s Wingin’ It as Kris the Cheesecake Lady. Wingin’ It now lives on in a new form as Wingin’ It 3-D and I hope I will be allowed to ply them with food for many shows yet to come. With the recent launch of Food Geeking, and my participation with the Parsec Awards I see my involvement in the world of podcasting continuing for a very long time.

Society of Creative Anachronism- Within the SCA I’ve held the position of Seneschal for nearly six years with a fine group of people who have accomplished much and have had much fun in the process. I am often found working in the kitchen at SCA events if food is being served. Beyond that, I costume, dance, do some embroidery and other fiber arts, a bit of leather work, mask making. I have participated on both the rapier and hard-suit fields and have participated in too many other various and sundry other activities to name.

On the geekier side of things- I’m an old school gamer (tabletop, not PC), and I enjoy role playing, strategy and war games and a variety of board and card , but I currently am without a group to play with. I’ve introduced a few friends into the some of the simpler games, but I’ve not sat in on a RPG for 7 years and I’m suffering from withdrawal. I’ve also been known to paint miniatures, but I seem to have little time for such diversions now.

I recently sold off a large portion of my comics collection. I realized I had collected most of my favorites as graphic novels, and I didn’t really need to store 3 large boxes of comics in my closet for another 10 to 15 years. Besides, selling them has made room for new comics and books.

I enjoy most science fiction and it’s allied genres,both fantasy and horror, in most formats. Books, movies, TV, art, and with the advent of audio and video designed for mp3 players, I listen to more podcasts and podiobooks than I aught to admit.

Tying portions of my comics and scifi interests together would be a long standing appreciation for manga and anime. My first exposure to anime was Robotech in the mid 80’s. Slaughtered as it was, Robotech was enough to draw me in, which was soon followed by Nausicaä. I then discovered a wide range of manga titles and hours of anime.

I’m certain I’ve got at least a half dozen other geeky pursuits that are not coming to mind, so I’ll fill in more as they resurface.

Books, books and more books- I’m an unabashed bibliophile with a collection of books nearing 1050. In keeping with my above interests a large portion consist of science fiction, fantasy and gaming, but I have numerous books on history, poetry, plays and literature- much of it from the 12th through 16th c., as well as: science, biology especially in relation to plants; art; food, cooking and cookbooks; and language and writing.

Finding me elsewhere- Currently I can be found on Skype, Twitter, MySpace, Pownce, and Facebook. I also have pages on Flickr, iLike and Shelfari. If you are interested in contacting me through any of these forums, please send me a message through either this site or Food Geeking and I will provide you with the site specific information.