Far too long

December 12, 2009

It’s been ages since I’ve posted, but this should be interpreted as a good sign. The new job is going extremely well, and unpacking for the second time since moving to NC is….. well, unpacking…. again. It invariably takes more time and energy than expected and dang, I’ve got a lot of stuff.

The original move went well, though the drive took longer than expected. The 25± foot truck and car carrier combination was slow on hills, topping out at 50mph on inclines and a complete bear during refueling, especially if you had to back up or turn around for any reason. It was also the height of the ’08 fuel prices, and diesel was at $5+/gallon at the time .

The house rental I found in my 3 day search of the Raleigh-Durham area was overly large for what we needed and that combined with finances and preferences prompted a second move. I really like the new house (also a rental) despite a sloping front yard and lack of garden. Being 30 years older,  the insulation is at least twice as good and the usable kitchen counter and storage space is a vastly improved. Unfortunately, there are still boxes of books that have not been unpacked, mostly due to a lack of book case space, brought about by a lack of available walls.

Having lived in apartments during all my time in Phoenix, I’d forgotten the time and energy involved in yard maintenance. It’s a particular drain on time when the 6-8 oak trees decide it’s time to drop their foliage. At the moment there are more leaves to rake and some halls to deck with the holiday season is rapidly approaching. So I must depart from the keyboard, but with hopes of returning on a more regular basis. Please feel free to pester (on a regular basis) if and when I fail to so.