The employment offer, once it arrived, was in fact, quite reasonable, and I negotiated for some additional monies for relocation. My resignation is now on file with my current employer, and as of June 25th I will be without a job for the first time in roughly twelve years. I’ll have little time to truly enjoy it though- less than a week later I will be moving across the country. There will be a brief stop in Flagstaff to gather up someone, his dog and belongings, followed by a number of days on the road with a final destination of the Research Triangle Park area, in North Carolina.

I expect the next few weeks to be exhausting and extremely busy. Housing must be found and a brief trip for the final search is expected, a truck needs to be rented and loaded, and all the final tasks around home and work need to be wrapped up.

For those attending the FPM Fool Party on the final weekend of June, I will be present. I will not however, guarantee either sanity or cognizance as it is only a day or two at most before the move. Given the situation, I will bring food, but unfortunately, not of my own devising, as every bit of stuff, sans clothing, cats and essentials for the drive, will be already be packed. It will be the last chance, for quite some time, that many of my AZ podcasting colleagues will get to see me, and I hope they will turn out in force.


There is good news- long story short, a company is/has/will be making an offer and I will likely accept.

Life being what it is, said offer seems to have been waylaid by gremlins of misdirection… It was sent out by FedEx, supposedly on Tuesday or, given the time of the call, it may have actually been shipped out on Wednesday. Since then, I’ve been watching and waiting. As of this morning I called and inquired as to it’s whereabout and the pertinent information is being tracked down. Unfortunately they did not confirm the shipping address beforehand or confirm the shipment by sending me a tracking number.

So, very soon now, I’ll have an offer in hand and be making a decision that will have me moving across the country later this month. Final destination- Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, which is in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area. I’ve already done some research on potential apartments but now need to do some final research and make a string of phone calls.

There is a lot to do in the next few weeks, and that doesn’t even touch on the work needed for the upcoming Parsec Awards, the nominations for which close in just over a week, which is when the real work begins. Then there is the issue of Food Geeking which needs much love and attention, and an entire reworking. It will happen, but only once I can put my full concentration and effort towards it, and that time is approaching.

It has been a busy few months for me personally and I’ve been very lax when it comes to posting. I was successful in packing away 95% of my accumulated belongings and getting into storage. In the last week of February I moved myself, my cats and a few boxes of books into the guest bedroom of friend. Most of my recent time is spent between work, job search, and trying to keep up with a virtual life, and as it can seen from my lack of posting here, I’m greatly behind.

I’ve been splitting my weekends between the the FPM studio and Flagstaff. I’d desperately like to get Food Geeking back on track, but have been critically short on time and energy, as life has been a mixed bag of chaotic and hectic. I do have hopes and a great many plans for redesigning the site and getting it back on it’s feet. It will likely have to wait until after the job search and relocation is complete, but it is something that I wish to pursue.

Speaking of relocation, the job search is starting to has finally achieved momentum, and there a few strong possibilities. I’ve had a number phone interviews and have one more in the works. I was also flown out to North Carolina, for all of 25 hours, for a series of interviews, lasting better than 4 hours, with a potential employer. These things do take time, but with the tiniest bit of luck I may have news within about a week. In the meantime, I’m trying to remain patient. The NC interview was the result of a resume sent out in January.

Beyond having only a room worth of space for both myself and the cats, the most frustrating part of the last few months is the lack of “my kitchen”. I do have use of a kitchen, but it is much lacking in the tools, equipment and supplies that I’m accustomed to. I’m still cooking a great number of meals for myself, but I’m not doing the cooking and baking that I so much enjoy for my friends.