Discontinued, cancelled and unconnected

February 18, 2008

The process of moving continues. A storage facility has been rented, a PO Box has obtained, a change of address filed with USPS and my utilities have been scheduled for disconnecting. I’ve yet to work out insurance for the storage unit and have 30 billion places which require my new address but otherwise, it’s just a matter of boxing every up, and moving 99% of it into storage. For the short term, while the job hunt intensifies, I’ll be staying with a friend in Mesa, who is kindly allowing me to inhabit a guest room. This should be a temporary situation, and with luck and perseverance I’ll be moving (yet again) in a months time or so.

At this point my priority is to get everything packed and in storage so I can concentrate on the job search. No matter how efficient and capable of multitasking one is, it’s near impossible to both put items in a box and write a cover letter simultaneously. This week and next week are dedicated to packing, moving, cleaning the apartment and keeping the plant materials alive at work. The first week of March, with nothing left to distract me, I will reapply myself to the job search.

It’s not been all boxes and packing this past week. I had the chance to attend the Strong Beer Festival in Mesa this past weekend. Many tasty brews were available for sampling, both from local breweries and others further afield, including Dogfish Head, Stone and New Belgium. Saturday evening was finished off with a late dinner at the Salt Cellar, where very fine dinner of seafood was had. With the weekend over a return to packing is necessary…. where is my marker and the packing tape…. Ah ha!


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