The slow decent into autumn

November 5, 2007

The seasons, weak as they are in Phoenix have begun their inexorable shift. Summer is slowly giving way to fall and temperatures no longer peak above normal body temperature. If the forecast holds true, out high temperatures for this week won’t breach 90/33º F/C. Our fall days are warm and beautiful and at night I can finally open the windows to allow cool night breezes clear the lingering warmth of the day. It is pleasure and relief to reside in Phoenix at this time of year. That said after seven years, I miss the cooler days and even colder nights I remember from my days in Ithaca. Fortunately, I seem to have found an appropriate equivalent.

I’ve recently made two forays into the north of Arizona. The first was for a wedding in Oak Creek Canyon. The bride and groom were two good and long standing friends, and it was one of the neatest wedding ceremonies I’ve had the pleasure of attending. The second was to to visit a friend who resides in Flagstaff. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the cool crisp air and the onset of fall. I’ve gotten to see some fall colors, experience cooler days and crisp nights for the first time in my seven year residence in this state. What is even better…. they’ve got stars in Flagstaff. Not that you don’t see stars in Phoenix, but there is enough light to severely limit visibility to only the brightest of the stars and constellations.

I hope  to be making rather a number of trips to Flagstaff this fall. When traffic is favorable it takes only 2-3 hours of driving, which is a small price to pay for comfortable temperatures. Given a few more weeks another treat my await me, that all elusive phenomenon  called snow…. which is something thing I’ve not seen for 7 years, and have definitely missed.  All this makes me look forward to the coming of winter more than I have at any time while in Phoenix.


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  1. Fenanastsem Says:

    Sorry for being OFF TOPIC – which Word Press template do you use? It looks stunning!!

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