Food Geeking #4

October 22, 2007

The newest episode of Food Geeking is now available for download from the website… Hurrah! It is running rather late in being posted as it was recording before my trip to S. Africa. Given the lateness of the season, I included recipes for candied and caramel apples with this episode, figuring that they were more “in season” than recipes for grilled items.

The issues with the feed are still present, but I will be addressing those very soon, so I have every hope and expectation that everyone (myself included) will be able to actually subscribe to Food Geeking starting with show #5 .

For those of you who currently download and a listen to the podcast, please send in email, or better yet- call into the voice mail line at 1-928-542-4361 and leave a comment or message.

Thank you!


One Response to “Food Geeking #4”

  1. Terrific tips in this article, anime takes up an excessive amount of my personal free time.

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