Homeward bound…. sort of

August 28, 2007

My flight is due to leave from the Johannesburg airport at 9:15pm this evening, in just a little less than 11 hours from now. I’ll not be going home to Phoenix though, I’ve got 5 days to spend in Atlanta and at Dragon*Con before I see the overly bright, sunny and hot skies of Phoenix.

I’ve a ton of new photos to put up. More pictures from caves, botanical gardens, a variety of creatures from a local game park, including my mauling by a white tiger cub, which is absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, I’ve little time to get them uploaded today as I’ll be leaving from work shortly after lunch to complete final packing and head to the airport for my complimentary invasion of privacy. Once I’ve arrived and settled in Atlanta I’ll get some of those pictures here and even more on my Flickr page.

I spent the later half of last week in Durban, which was warm, humid and often sunny, although my arrival brought blustery winds, cloud cover and some rain.

I promise to be well behaved and get the photos up on Wednesday night….


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