Busy day with much accomplished

July 26, 2007

Well, I did return to work last night from midnight until 5am. It allowed me to get much done on the work front. Between that, and this afternoon I’ve made some impressive progress-


  • Will and Power of Attorney
  • Room reservations for SCA
  • Seeds shipped to Germany
  • All orders but 1, and that’s not essential
  • A large portion of the plant transfers
  • Hotel for Wednesday night pre-D*C, Hyatt Regency

Big things left to do-

  • Plant transfers, hopefully by the end of the day
  • Presentation– tomorrow and during/following travel
  • Photocopy and distribute documentation
  • Coordinate cat-sitting and send out contact lists
  • Last minute shopping
  • Pick up new phone
  • Final cleaning of home
  • Nearly forgot— Rush Concert, tomorrow night!
    • I know, how could I nearly forget about Rush…..

Given where I was a few days ago, it’s looking more manageable. I’m now down to exactly 48 hours to the plane lifting off. Must make the most of the few hours remaining and go work with my plants.


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