The day’s results-

July 25, 2007

Could be worse but also could be better…. I did get a number of things done today and didn’t add an appalling number of extra tasks to the list. Therefore a good but not exceptional day. I’ll be heading back to work tonight to get some additional work done before crashing for the night.

Today’s to do list- updated:

  • get a new phone (I’ve got a free/cheap upgrade) and the old one might croak before I return
    • after spending 30+ minutes of my time, they didn’t have it in stock- must wait for Friday
  • finish the media prep that stymied yesterday
  • pack seeds for shipment to Poland or is that Austria….

    • Seeds are packed, awaiting address confirmation, it’s Germany
  • place orders at work just two special orders yet to deal with
  • transfer plants– going back in tonight to do this
  • work on presentation– have the work specific templates, nearly time for the brain dump.
  • make room reservations for SCA
    • email prepared, should have it out tomorrow
  • tackle photocopying and some of the list/itinerary/will and power of attorney things
    • gathered together, just need to spend some quality time with the photocopier
  • Parsec conference call

New and updated list in the morning. I like how this is keeping me honest about preparations.


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