3 days and sundry hours

July 25, 2007

My days remaining until I board the plane for S. Africa can now be counted on one hand, or referred to as “few”.

My overly long list of things to do has shrunk significantly, although additions keep sneaking past he armed guards that I’ve posted.  You’ll notice today’s task list has items that don’t appear on the main lists-


  • Presentation for the laboratory I’ll be working in
  • Get 1+ weeks of lab work completed in the next 2
  • Arrange for lab projects to be looked after while gone
  • Submit vacation request


  • Copy all ID, contracts, and important papers, leave a copy or 2 with friends
  • Find crash space or lodgings for the Wedenesday night before D*C
  • Set up call forwarding for the cell phone- route to skype
  • Coordinate pet sitting schedule with various friends and get them contact info for each other, plus vet info
  • Make itinerary and contact list for friends, family, work place etc. and distribute
  • Power of attorney and will, just in case life gets too exciting– found the forms
  • Go to Rush concert on Friday night
  • Create list of all bill to be paid while gone, confirm electronic payment options

SCA & Podcasting

  • Set up room reservations for the SCA on-campus group
  • Hopefully– finish up Food Geeking #3

Today’s to do list:

  • get a new phone (I’ve got a free/cheap upgrade) and the old one might croak before I return
  • finish the media prep that stymied yesterday
  • pack seeds for shipment to Poland or is that Austria….
  • place orders at work
  • transfer plants
  • work on presentation
  • make room reservations for SCA
  • tackle photocopying and some of the list/itinerary/will and power of attorney things
  • Parsec conference call

It’s a sizable list, so I must get in gear, leave home and get a start on it. I don’t expect to accomplish everything on this list today, some things will slip to tomorrow, but we’ll see where I stand tomorrow… when I’ll have 2+ days left…


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