More tasks completed yet much more to do-

July 20, 2007

As of today- August the 20th, I’m down to 8 days until the flight to S. Africa begins. I’ve managed to get a number of the tasks that I need to complete taken care of for the trip, but there are many that yet need doing and the list seems to grow faster than I’m able to whittle it down. True panic is likely to strike on Thursday, allowing me to go completely mad for all of Friday and give me a few hours of recovery time on Saturday before I bundle myself onto the plane…. at least I have a plan.

I’ve spoken with the cell phone company, and as long as I keep my phone off, and have all calls forwarded, I will not be billed for roaming. If I keep the phone on, then roaming charges will apply. Since I hope to route all calls to Skype and use Skype VM for taking messages I should be good there. It means I’m likely to respond to messages by email, unless callers are lucky enough to catch me on Skype when the call is forwarded.

Earbuds and international power adapters are now mine and I’ve got everything set up to pay rent in absentia. Most of the paper work related to the SCA is complete and I should be able to turn it in on Monday.

The last important things to do are related to putting last paper work in order, coordinating pet care while I’m gone and the presentation, which I fully expected to be my major point of procrastination. The additional Skype services are one of the final planned expenses that has yet to be dealt with.

It has been brought to my attention that I have failed to state that the trip is work-related, but not specifically for my job. I’ll be a visiting scientist while working for CSIR.


One Response to “More tasks completed yet much more to do-”

  1. Andrea and Hugh Says:

    you will get it done on time. Do you think you are going to have trouble but not stating its work related?

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