Sometimes the windmills lose

July 6, 2007

I must have done right to somebody or something recently. I received a call from the review nurse, the very same who could not approve my pre-authorization on Tuesday. She did send the request up the chain to the director of that section and tagged it as urgent. (Many thanks Cathy, you rock!) Much to my delight and surprise, it was approved. Tomorrow with pre-authorization code in hand, I shall visit the campus health center and get stuck with at least 3 needles if I’m counting properly.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more pleased to hear that I can get to play pincushion for a day. I don’t actually mind shots, or needles one bit, I’m just so very relieved that I can get them tomorrow, and that the insurance company approved it. I’ll even give them a silver star and a cookie. Cookies all around, I’m in such a good mood. Today ended up being an amazingly good day, particularly given what the other side of the coin held. Maybe I got lucky and it was the same coin used by Rosencrantz… or was that Guildenstern, in the opening scenes of R & G are Dead…. great movie and very much a favorite of mine.

This has come through at the absolutely last moment. The review nurse advised very strongly, and repeatedly that the typhoid immunization must happen now, because I will need a few weeks to produce sufficient antibodies, and if I haven’t before I leave, I’m actually at greater risk for contracting it than if I hadn’t received the immunization. Three weeks is pretty much the cut-off point for getting the typhoid vaccine before departure.

I did get my passport scanned and sent as a pdf to S. Africa, and they are working to set up flight schedule for me. Once the itinerary is set I shall be able to announce publicly my plans for my return trip. I didn’t want to raise my hopes, or anyone else’s without being certain that I could follow through with my scheme. Once again, it seems that dumb, blind luck is favoring me- but more on the what and how once I have flight plans in my hand.

Don Quixote had it right- Sometimes you should tilt against windmills, you never know when you might win.


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