And the winner is-

July 3, 2007

S. Africa!!!

That’s correct, S. Africa get a gold star and a cookie (variety of their choosing) for making me wait less time, and not requiring me to check with them every 3 days to see if anything has been done and overall being a small source of stress and consternation in my life.

Today I received an email with a 26 page contract attached, detailing the agreement between CSIR and myself. Upon my approval of the contract, and the receipt of a pdf file of my scanned passport, a courier will be dispatched with 2 copies of said contract for my signature, one to keep and the other for return to S. Africa. Once they receive my passport information my flights and accommodation will be booked. My title while there will be Visiting Scientist.

Actual business cards are now in the offing- I’ve never had the privilege of carrying them before.

While in the midst of this post, the insurance company has stepped up to the plate… I got a call from the “review nurse” who could not approve my pre-authorization request, because it is “out of network.” It was then explained that there were no “in-network providers” as I’d already spent 4 days researching those, almost 2 weeks ago.

So the request is now being bumped up the ladder to the director, and a letter from my supervisor will be faxed on Thursday morning supporting that this is work related travel, which may or may not assist in the process.


3 Responses to “And the winner is-”

  1. Hope you can get all that insurance mess sorted out.

  2. Andrea and Hugh Says:

    This is awesome Kris!

    I cant wait to see your photos and I hope the insurance mess clears up soon.

  3. kmayo Says:

    I should have some resolution tomorrow, be it yea or nay. Either way, I’ll be setting up an appointment by Friday for the vaccinations at the latest.

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