Your wait will be. . . . incalculable

July 2, 2007

Tick, tock…. tick, tock.

In 27 short days, I expect that I will be on a plane bound for S. Africa. Unfortunately, that is still all I know…

I, not unlike most, have had to complete tasks or activities that are unpleasant, painful or simply not fun. Yet, if the task is necessary or by it’s completion some better outcome will be achieved you apply yourself, screw up your courage and plunge in, knowing that once completed, you can go back to all those more pleasant and enjoyable activities of life. I’ve now found one such unpleasant task that is now verging on painful. Wait for it…. waaaait for it….

Yes, “wait” is the key word. I’m now coming to believe that waiting, the simple process of remaining patient while others act, or worse fail to act, is the most difficult and frustrating of all activities.

My list of things to do, and items to obtain is filling up nicely. My list of tasks to complete at work before I depart is extensive, yet manageable. Unfortunately, the two most important and time sensitive of these tasks cannot be dealt with until I receive information or feedback from sources beyond the scope of my control.

The first of these tasks are the immunizations I will need before I travel. Time is now running short and I must get the first of these injections soon, if I am to complete the Hepatitis A and B series before I depart. This bit of waiting is currently in the hands of my insurance company, which is reviewing my pre-authorization request. They are to contact the Health Center upon reaching a decision, but will not specify an expected time course for this process. This entire process of obtaining these immunizations has become an ordeal, and is a source of much frustation. I will likely contact harass them with a phone call later today or tomorrow in a vane attempt to obtain some information.

I’m also waiting for the contract and travel itinerary to arrive from the company in S. Africa for which I will be working. I sent the dates I would be available, and all other requested information to them a full two weeks ago. In this case, I’m somewhat less bothered by the delay and have rather more patience with the situation. I do however need to know the itinerary so I can plan activities and lodging in Atlanta upon my return in late August, and arrange for a return flight to Phoenix. Time is not yet of the essence, but I will need details soon. I plan to make a polite inquiry by the end of the week, to see if they have any information. They are paying for both the travel and my lodgings, in addition to a salary, so I don’t wish to be bothersome, yet I will need this information by the end of next week at latest.

In the meantime, I’m working on the task list I have at my job, and trying to address as many of the other items on my every growing “to do” list as I can. I must say, the wait is not killing me, but Typhoid or Hepatitis just may if my insurance company makes me wait for too long.


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